Take Your Golf Cart Tires Off the Course

June 11, 2015

In our last article, we discussed the future of electric golf carts for use in transportation. As battery technology has improved, so has the golf cart’s performance. Newer golf carts charge quicker, are safer, have better performance and a longer mileage range, and they’re getting better every day.

With the continued evolution of golf carts, we can expect to see them used in many different capacities. Golf carts could be popping up in urban communities, commercial settings and even on the farm.

Golf Cart Tires on City Streets

First of all, these small vehicles are ideal for navigating cramped urban environments. As previously stated, they minimize fuel costs and are much easier to park. More and more cities are giving golf carts the go-ahead for street use, and for good reason. The next time you’re in a big city, don’t be surprised if you find yourself driving next to a golf cart!

Golf Cart Tires in Commercial Settings

In addition, golf carts work well in commercial capacities. Manufacturing facilities that have extremely large or multiple buildings which can take several minutes to travel around often use golf carts as a means of transportation. With the help of golf carts, people can shuttle tours, investors, chiefs of staff and workers around large areas on these vehicles.

Golf Cart Tires on the Farm

Take Your Golf Cart Tires Off the Course

For the farming industry, golf carts could also get a good amount of use. Four wheelers, tractors, and pickup trucks can rack up a lot of money in fuel and insurance costs. Alternatively, it is easy and inexpensive to turn a golf cart into reliable farm transport. Farmers can even equip the carts with brush guards, lift kits and knobby tires to help them maneuver around their land.

Although golf carts are traditionally suited for the golf course, they’re gaining popularity in many urban areas, commercial facilities and farms. As golf cart and battery technology continues to improve, it will be interesting to see the other ways in which golf carts are used.

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